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Posted December 23, 2015
"Truman" is the latest film by Cesc Gay, with Ricardo Darin and Javier Camara forward. I must admit that when I walked into the cinema just knew four things from the movie; I didn't know if he was going to cry, to laugh or what was going to happen. Well, everything happened, laughed and cried, is a thrilling movie by history that comes to tell us, for the interpretation of both actors, the film weight of 50% spread.
In the first place,  I would like to highlight the script, and the whole film is a long conversation between the two actors, and keeps you aware of it at all times; this is thanks also to the two protagonists, the look of Javier Camara is more remarkable, the first time that the two are friends after all this time, you don't say anything because that way they look and says it all. Ricardo Darin isn't far behind, much less in this film his character is emotionally charged and conveys peace and tranquility with all that is living that is downright impressive.
The film tells the last encounter between two real friends. The reason for the reunion isn't the most desirable, but then from the way Cesc Gay tells us these days between the two friends is amazing. Yet the film conveys enthusiasm for life, value the people we have around us and not complicate much. On the other hand he speaks of the freedom to decide, despite everything that is happening there are certain decisions that we still belong to ourselves and Truman is a film full of them.
The main issue is emotionally charged because it is a very difficult situation to face for anyone, but Cesc Gay tells him through something as pure as friendship, the friendship between two adult men and unconditional love of character Darin for his dog. In fact, one of the goals of your character is to find a new owner for Truman when he is not.
Returning to the relationship between the two protagonists, what better token of friendship to respect the decision of your friend? Javier Cámara's character faces those four days for what they are, a farewell, spend the day with his friend and enjoy it without pressuring being generous in their decisions. Very difficult to assume a role in any relationship, understand and respect the other person has made a decision and if you really care must accept and be with him, nothing more.
"Truman" has already started collecting awards is that the performance in this film has earned them both Javier Cámara and Ricardo Darinthe Best Actor Award at the 2015 San 
Mónica Segarra.


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