The bijou of Daniel Guzman

Posted December 23, 2015
A cambio de nadaDaniel Guzman film premiered in May of this year, tells the story of a teenager who is going through a very difficult time. The separation of their parents (Luis Tosar and Maria Miguel) and the way in which these are being made so that Darío (Miguel Herrán) wants to get away from them as much as possible.
Dario takes refuge in an old woman known by chance, Antonia (Antonia Guzman) and a mechanic, Caralimpia (Felipe Vélez) that gives you a place to live and a job to earn some money, although a bit suspicious in some moments. Between them and his best friend, Luismi (Antonio Bachiller), make it a little nicer to Darius summer.
One of the things that most caught my attention in this film is the cast, we find enshrined actors such as Luis Tosar, opposite actors who had never been on camera, as in the case of Antonia Guzman, the grandmother of the director. I think the combination of these two types of shells is perfect, because, for example, the role of Antonia conveys a certain tenderness, yet we see a strong woman, willing to do whatever it takes despite his age. In a way much truth and breathes freshness into the role of this lady, that of being a professional actress probably has not been attained.
Daniel Guzman speaks of the influence he has had on the Nouvelle Vague, with authors like Truffaut and Godard, and it shows in the film. It tells the story as it is, as if suddenly I had met these two guys and had decided to record their history. Seeing this film I remembered enough of The 400 
Blows (François Truffaut), the rebellious teenager, but innocent at the same time that all he seeks is the understanding and love of their parents, but not finding needs to get out of that environment to try to find freedom and happiness in some other way. It seeks to draw the attention of their parents, the courage to say what you really feel, and this is not easy sometimes, need to take several detours to get to where you want and tell people that you care about how you feel really . This is what happens to our protagonist, it is a little lost and more support is your friend, as also happens to young Doinel.
Despite having a dramatic story, Guzmán manages to wrest several smiles throughout the film. The innocence of adolescents, the relationship of Antonia with Darío, in some surreal moments and also Caralimpia, who treats him like a son and also as his best friend; the beauty of this is that it is reciprocal, both with Antonia, as the mechanical, Dario shows much love and respect for them, maybe sometimes we miss their parents, but it is clear that the marital status doesn't allow them worry about your child as much as they are so concerned about getting to "win" her ex-partner who forget they have a child together who is in the midst of that fight.
This movie does a great job behind, like all others, but some are luckier when come to light already has cost a little more, and to seek funding it took two years, plus five scriptwriting and about two years between shooting and post-production. But undoubtedly the result has been great, it's a movie that I recommend to everyone, and have done so since I saw. Nor unnoticed in the Malaga Film Festival, where he won the Gold Biznaga for best film and the Silver Biznaga Critics Jury Special Prize. Also, a few weeks ago he won the award for Best Film at the Spanish Film Festival of Toulouse.
If you still have doubts, here you can see the tràiler.
 Mónica Segarra.


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