"Facilitators" for the cultural industry in general and audiovisual industry in particular with a multi-disciplinary service excellence approach aimed at a positive impact on society. Our activity lines are the following:

  1. Actors management and representation.
  2. Shows, events and festivals organization and management.
  3. Content marketing.
  4. Own and external production services.
  5. Own production services: we are a registered production company.
In order to reinforce the first field activity line, we are looking for actors and actresses who:
  • Have professional experience and updated material.
  • Are honest, committed and hard-working who can see acting as a Marathon and not as a sprint race.
  • Can speak Spanish, English, French or any other language.

 (Those belonging to a talent agency or with manager, please abstain.)
CONTACT: please send CV, providing full name and parents or guardians’ phone number (for people under legal age), two photographs (foreground and full-length) and reel link. The total weight of the photographs must be 1MB – photos exceeding this weight shall be deleted.
Email address: