We are looking for people who:

  1. Are honest, committed and proactive.
  2. Are interested in the cultural industry in general and in the audiovisual industry in particular.
  3. With management skills.
  4. Can contribute to develop our five fields of activity directly or indirectly – we are not looking for salespeople.
  5. Take charge of everything related to their specific tasks.
  6. Can spend certain hours per month working for our project development – the time spent is up to you.

Available tasks:

To contact foundations, business schools, cultural centers, production companies, casting directors, brands investing in cultures, to make online and offline contacts, to attend different events (conferences, film premiers, plays), to write press notices, to interview famous people, community management, to write weekly posts for our blog, to produce short films, composition and web content, to improve the web design, among other tasks.
According to each profile and level of commitment, different tasks can be available.

We provide:

  • Learning, networking, experience and curricular accreditation.
  • Very flexible timetable. 

Further information:

  • Internship program agreement signed with the University of Alicante, Rey Juan Carlos University and Carlos III University (Madrid). We are willing to subscribe with other education centers and universities.
  • 27 conversaciones con emprendedores españoles (27 talks with entrepreneurial people from Spain) published by Editorial Esic. We are one of the people interviewed.
  • Applicants please send CV (Word format) to:


  • Marta Martin, production of audiovisuals and shows FP upper grade student.

    When I had to choose my practices, I call my attention to perform it in a company 2.0, a very innovative company type that allowed me to realize my practices while working so do not hesitate it and I proposed to my mentor this company. There was no problem. In the company I have performed several tasks such as content distribution, contact with casting directors, attending events, writing post for the corporate blog… My experience has been very satisfactory because I could play several roles within the same practices.
    My career is not very long, I have worked as an administrative assistant and I have the degree of makeup technician and characterization as well as of image and sound at Communication High School CEV. I also did a course in fashion design and personal image.