​These meetings consist of a friendly debate with the artist Eduardo Sánchez Torel in which he briefly reviews his own career as an actor, screenwriter and director and then he interacts with the audience for 1 hour. His personal experiences and the recent publication of his biography serve as a catalyst for various artistic and personal issues that the audience can discuss directly with Eduardo and thus establish a dialogue in which they can learn and discover new ways of making art and live.


Eduardo Sánchez Torel, well known in the 60's in Argentina and Spain for the character "Payasín", is an Argentinian actor, writer, producer and director, Spanish citizen and a Madrid resident. At 82 he is still an active professional and an example to every artist. After more than 60 years of experience in cinema, theatre and television, his work has been rewarded with numerous awards throughout his career, culminating with the publication of his book "Derribando muros, después de tanto tiempo ... Payasín." It is an autobiographical work in which he reviews his extensive career and shows us the ins and outs of the showbusiness. It is a book primarily devoted to freedom and to defend a strong idea: an artist should be judged for their professional contribution not by their sexual identity or ideology or any other aspect of their personal life. To conclude, this book is a story that, as a confession, makes a reflection on significant matters such as the importance of media in the education of children, the sexual awakening of a public figure in an unfavourable environment, the birth of a myth for children and the entrails of the showbusiness, all in the context of countries like Argentina, Spain and Cuba and its social and political evolution. As a result of the publication of his book, Eduardo has already given several interviews to regional and national media, including the program Nosolomusica of Telecinco.