Interview with Iñaki Guevara

Not quite a year Iñaki Guevara happened to be Secretary General of Union of Actors, and since then, their struggle to cope with cultural cuts that are occurring has never stopped for a moment, is aware that the current situation Spanish actors and actresses is precarious and therefore swashbuckling defends the need for changes in cultural policy, which inevitably pass by reducing VAT, so much for the actors as for many other cultural professionals (singers, editors, directors of theaters) this measure has been a deep wound.
  • To all readers who do not know exactly, what would you say are the aims of today (in crisis) Union Of Actors and actresses that you manage?
The goals remain largely the same as those at the beginning, and focus especially on defending the labor rights of actors and actresses, rights due to the crisis are more persecuted and harder to meet by employers, who often pay less than agreed in the agreement, providing jobs with very low wages or even free.
  • How do you think might be affecting the cuts on culture to the young actors and actresses to exercise this profession?
Like the rest of Spanish youth, many are leaving to Germany, Ecuador and simply because there is no future and there is hardly present. The cuts are affecting, yes, but the impact it is having the VAT increase is brutal culture, and is being especially in reducing the public, the closure of many cinemas, also in turnover has dropped so much and that just made new projects, as according to statistics are 70% less rolling film and with a much smaller deals.
  • How soon is an improvement in terms of employment in the sector actors and actresses?
You must change the cultural policy of the government, and that means reducing the VAT culture, which is what most damage has made the sector. Until that occurs, I see complicated.
  • What advice would you give to all those young actors (students, recent graduates) seeking access to this profession and to exercise it?
I would say that this situation must solve and face together, through cooperation and support among all, in fact there is an initiative that we are undertaking in many schools, where we will deliver lectures to inform students about what their rights , and so do they have a first contact with us, and that until they finish their training can not join.
  • Following the last gala of the Goya Awards has occurred in certain social media smear campaigns to some actresses like Maribel Verdú and Candela Peña, however, other players such as Jose Sacristan or Gabino Diego galason said the supporters of that actors should be limited only to interpret and not to meddle in politics, as players' union representative, what is your position? Do you think that what was said was correct at the gala, which fell short or think that in fact there was an excess of politicization during the gala?
Before holding a meeting convened Goya several nominees nominated and see what was happening with Goya, as many white tide people got in touch with us so that, somehow, trasmitiésemos your message, to that we should say they were doing, and finally, in that meeting it was agreed that each do what he wanted, Maribel, meanwhile, decided that he dedicated his award to the hopeless, a decision that I thought his phenomenal, like the Candela, who was more emotional. The actors at a time like this, on a state television retransmitted, you know you are seeing a lot of people, have the moral right to echo all those problems in education, health and mortgages, as they also affect us.
  • What measures do you think the government should take to resolve or deal with the cultural crisis that is occurring?
The first is to resign (laughs), this government has a program quite contrary to what he promised in the selections and is causing a decline in labor and social rights and destroying the little state welfare we had. Of course, the bottom line would be to review the VAT, which linked to declining public support for theater or film is what is causing the sector has suffered this decline.
  • According to data published in June this year, the Spanish film is still highly valued and has more fans abroad than in Spain, what is the leverage you need Spanish cinema to enhance his reputation in Spain?
What is needed is to continue producing films, and for that the first step is to reduce cultural VAT has to be a policy of fiscal relations as there are in France or Germany, and patronage law that encourages, even slightly, the implementation of new film projects. Here in Spain now are shooting a movie 70% less than a few years, and it's because people (directors, producers) did not want to risk them going wrong and losing money, but clearly out of Spain's something in our film that draws interest and intention, "Scorpion love", for example, here in Spain has not just box office, but internationally is working very well and Pedro Almodovar in New York as well known as here what is Real Madrid, Spain ie outside our cinema undoubtedly like.
  • Do you dare to say that the film will be selected to represent the Spanish cinema at the Oscars? Knowing that among the nominees are "Cannibal" Manuel Martin Cuenca, "15 years and one day" by Gracia Querejeta, "The great Spanish family" by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo and "Scorpion Love" Santiago Zannou?
The 4 have a high level; Scorpion Love I quite like, and along with the great Spanish family I think are the ones most likely. Although if I had to vote for one, would be by "Alacran Love".
  • How do you justify that theater and film pays a higher tax than the bulls or football?
Just something unjustifiable paid the same tax to go to the movies to go to a sex shop, while in France recently dropped Cultural VAT at 5%. Spain along with Lithuania us who pay by 21%, because in the Netherlands has had to cut back because not working, and this is not working either, because does not benefit anyone, neither employers nor the actors, much less to viewers.
  • In 2012 the vice president Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría proposes to revise the amount invested public television in Spanish cinema, introducing a VAT of 21% in cinemas and theaters, tax fraud charge some actors, and before that, the intention of held in Madrid Olympic Games, the desire to establish a casino Gigante (Eurovegas) why this "attack", this aversion to film culture and yet that disproportionate interest in sport (which is also culture) and the game , which is more a leisure item-vice?
For our government, culture is an enemy, not interested to be generated and some branded culture actors from "gulfs or red". They do not consider that culture is a necessary good, and the proof is that in other countries, for example in France, when a change of government, whether left or right, culture is not touched, something that it has happened in a country like ours, where the right still remains stuck in the Franco era.
  • In his remarks said that the actors are a group with 90% unemployment, however, according to data from the INEM, 2009, THE 48% of contracts offered in November of that year (when it began to be latent crises) to drama graduates were related to the interpretation and theater. Apart from the increase in VAT, it is clear that it has helped, that other factors may have influenced believed to have been given this tailspin?
These jobs are basically animations, and are usually very small, as the INEM not usually involve much in this sector. In general, for an actor to find employment passes get you life yourself, and the truth is that the vast majority of graduates in drama actors do not work and often develop other professions such as waiters, clerks, tele operators etc. Also keep in mind that it is a sector with much intrusion, you go down the street and if someone makes a contract as an actress, you're an actress, however an architect, for instance, is not in that situation.
  • After all the plot that have been tucked CCOO and UGT seems that the term "union" brings some suspicion, negative connotation, are you concerned that this "bad reputation" that are taking unions also sprinkle them to you, even indirectly?
Today, I think there is an attempt to eliminate unions, and that's wrong because unions are necessary, otherwise there would be no defense of workers. I think if there is such a bad reputation should try to reverse it, because unions, whatever they are must be transparent, open and democratic.