Interview with Laura Galán, actress in Piggy (Cerdita),

Short questionnaire
Name: Laura Galán
Profession: Actress
Favorite movie: "Dawn is not too early", (in Spanish, Amanece, que no es poco)
Actor and actress reference: Meryl Streep or Al Pacino take my breath away. But I may also  to quote some nationals, Carmen Machi and Javier Gutiérrez who are great examples for me.
Dream Travel: Travel across the United States
Favorite place: My parents' house
Last book read: Decals, by Oliverio Girondo
What series not to miss: Game of thrones. Little secrets, Big lies, The Young Pope ...
A play to see: Wajdi Mouawad or Andrés Lima


1. Piggy (Cerdita) speaks of the humiliation and terror that results from it. I remember when I saw Lynch's Elephant Man, and how all the people were more frightened than the elephant man himself. How did you mentally prepare yourself to turn Piggy?

The most important thing was to exchange opinions with the director, Carlota Pereda. In this society, abuse, vexation and humiliation are the order of the day. I consider myself to be a very lucky woman and have never had to experience severe intimidation, but we all have more or less known, to a certain extent, an episode close to what happens to Sara's character. So, it was easy to be empathic with her and one of the things I always thought was that monsters do not come from other planets, nor are they under the bed, that's ourselves. Human being.

2. Piggy is for me a short film absolutely necessary. Why is Piggy really to be seen and not to miss?

Because I think that Carlota has made a very interesting visual proposition and that the use of the vehicle of terror leads us to approach without any taboos the crudest reality. Although reality still goes beyond fiction, unfortunately. But Piggy shows us the fear and horror of feeling different. Or that they make you believe that you are different, inferior. Act of intimidtion.

3. As a woman in the audiovisual world, did you experience additional difficulties in your work? Do you think you have fewer opportunities being a woman?

Unfortunately yes. This is true in all professions and ours is no exception. Added to this is the difficulty that my profile presents. All actresses and all actors are continually evaluated on their physical, but we women have more obstacles, more constraints. And fright at the thought of what we will find as we move towards the age of maturity. We will continue to fight and look for more female characters, for more female characters of all ages and for more female characters of any type of physics.

4.  Now let's talk a little bit about you. You have a career in the theater and on television. How did you start at the very beginning? What did you study? Has it always been obvious to you that you will dedicate yourself to this?

I think that since my youngest age, the interpretation was there but I did not know how. I started taking acting classes in extracurricular activities when I was at school and then high school, until I turned 18 when I realized that I needed to position myself firmly in this field. This is there I found my school Arte4 Estudio de Actores, in Madrid. This is there I got my degree in drama.

5. I would like to ask you if there is any experience that would have marked a before and an after in your career? Was it positive or negative? What did you learn?  

From the moment you start to get in touch with the performance, you start experiencing many amazing experiences. But I think that an important pillar of what I am now began to be built when I met director Andrés Lima. I started out as her assistant, then he trusted me as an actress in many of his productions. With him, I gradually built my space, I found little by little my personal tools as an actress and I progressed. And another very important point was the shooting of my first film, "The Man Who Killed Don Quixote," by Terry Gilliam. Words are missing to evoke this genius.

6. Finally, what advice would you give women who want devoting themselves to this profession, directors, writers, producers, actresses ...

That they do it with courage, that they appreciate every step and that they have confidence in themselves, because everything is possible.