Joaquín Oristell: as leading actors

Last Thursday April 21, held the second session of the 9th Edition of the actors Directing Workshop offered by the community of Madrid.

This edition, hand Joaquín Oristrell and, after the screening of "Hablar", his latest work, talked about directing actors and how to prepare a sequence shot.

"Hablar" is a project that was born for the stage, but the large number of faces that made it impossible to realize it needed on the boards.

To balance the diaries of all actors, the director's proposal was recorded in a single plane sequence and, according to him, all agreed when he spoke of a "marcianada well."

"Hablar" portrays the lives of 21 main characters and 10 secondary Lavapies district of Madrid a hot night in August 2014.

The characters were created by the actors themselves who proposed texts director months before recording.

This collective creation produced Uncut has been a work of adaptation to environmental circumstances in which even a neighbor slipped during recording and the actor had to follow the scene as if nothing happened.

Mercedes SampietroMelani OlivaresJuan Diego BottoSergio Peris-MenchetaMarta EturaRaul ArevaloAntonio de la Torre and Astrid Jones are some of the familiar faces involved in the original proposal.

The tape was it finished in just three days, one Sunday a trial was held, on Monday two takes were made, and on Tuesday two others. Oristrell tells us that stayed with the last because it was the most organic of all.

The conference closed with the definition that has Oristrell for a director:

"What is most like an actor is a writer and vice versa. The director looks and chooses only ".

With this, Joaquín wanted to emphasize how important it is to review and participate letting the actors in character creation that will interpret themselves.
Marta Martín