Meeting with Juan Gautier and Jorge Muriel

On April 14, Juan Gautier, director of the short film "I'm so happy" and Jorge Muriel, director of the short "The Garden of Earthly Delights" were at Nebrija University projecting their short and offering a round of questions attendees .

These shorts have screened at the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid during the Madrid Short Film Week.

"I'm so happy," it is based on the song that gives its name and is about the pursuit of happiness, the opportunities life offers. It is the third short that creates Juan Gautier and stems from the need to try another kind other than those worked in his earlier works. It is a very simple and accessible history. Its director sought the ideal medium for could be just simple and inexpensive locations in history. At first he had a very simple story that did not quite convince him, but to hear the song 'I'm so happy' came a loving subplot in the story to give him a turn to the life of the protagonist was necessary.

"The Garden of Earthly Delights" is based on a true story that comes from the experiences of Jorge Muriel when her aunt Marisa was doorkeeper in Madrid Esparteros street. Born from the need to tell a story with real characters, join the attack on 6 February 1992  in the square of the Green Cross with the daily lives of the residents of a nearby building.

Many changes occur in the initial script when recording it?

JUAN- Depending history. In this short, the script was quite closed but the assembly itself that is usually cut things left over. Besides I always leave in the first recordings actors improvise a bit to see if anything interesting out there.

JORGE- Strongly agree, sometimes hear the script in the mouths of the actors and you realize you need changes. What you can never do is lose the fundamental idea but you have to be flexible and open to change.

-           How much did shoot each subvencionasteis short and how? Any advice for new writers out to bring their ideas?

JORGE- Mine was around only renting the building where it was recorded € 23,000. In total there were almost 6,000 €. We need the subsidy from the Community of Madrid and a patron. For those who want to start making short you can resort to aid from the Ministry of Culture and other public aid presenting your project.

JUAN- Ours were 12,000 €. The most expensive was the hospital and luckily, based knocking on doors, find one that left us free. When you make a short must take into account the means you have and need, so I searched accessible locations and not costs much. We also have to bear in mind that with technology there now, everything works out much cheaper. Short Film Week is increasingly taking more weight at the production level and there are days of meetings between producers and scriptwriters who can be a great opportunity for new creators. Always look for opportunities, wherever. You can always find a producer, but is more complicated because most already have their channels to get scripts, but as a short film is simpler because usually get tired of feature film scripts but not short.

- The initial idea is then told in short, without modification?

JORGE- You have to be clear about what you want to tell but the creative process itself is changing your idea.

JUAN- The hardest thing is knowing what you want to tell, but the phrase "Let the inspiration you get caught working" is real. In addition always need to receive feedback from people who are a little out of the project and are sincere criticism because only when there is too much ego hobble the stories, you need this distance. And from there, without losing your mark as a writer, the idea is taking shape.

JORGE- Not expect to have all clear to start writing. Do it and it will develop.

JUAN- Doing is when you lern.

- How long did it take to record it?

JORGE- 6 days. We actually left only two houses and arts boys were atrezzing the home crowd them appear different. As I took a lot was to find the ideal building almost a year. Once I found I had to find a producer and wait for the outcome. Regarding the actors, I needed a special cast, what I took was to find the children.

JUAN- We took 3 days and one for street scenes, taxi and subway. We can also expect scenes need to 'retake' to take away planes are necessary but that maybe are not in the script. The process was simple in my case because I wanted to professionalize the process by putting specific dates. Four months of preproduction, did not want to have the latest script and lists locations. Plus I wanted to take the process of casting actors and friends searched for papers.

- The traveling is present throughout the film "The Garden of Earthly Delights" Why?

JORGE- Closing the script first thing I wanted was to tell in real time, would not cut off, it was all false sequence shots, which seemed that life flowed from one to another house. It took a lot of movements in both chambers and actors, which should be very accurate. Besides the short ends where it begins, in the sky, creating a circle. Also in the last shot I had another idea but space theme the camera with a high crane does not fit. That's what I have to add that I have learned that the pre-production and post-production are important things in a short as to create the final ash, which also cost us a lot, we had to pull from the top fluffs so that later in postproduction the provide her with a texture like real ash.