"Not exist" The role of women in today's society

April 6 2016, in a very special place as is the Cineteca Matadero Madrid, we go, via the hand of Ana Solana, on a subject that the media leave out: The reality of refugee women and what to leave their place of origin.

Ana, the director of this film, brings us testimonies of women who had to leave their hometowns by social exclusion.

Some of them for their rejection of religious doctrines taxes in your country, others by their sexual orientation ... what does it matter, the reality is that, unlike the belief of Western society, not only women but also men and children, not fleeing their country in search of work, as many of them already had their country of origin but are forced to flee the social rejection, sometimes even death threats even knowing that in the country that target also have it for the simple fact of being refugees.

Ana Solano (Director) and Belen Herrera (Producer), embarked on this project five years ago, long before the current refugee problem existed and, thanks to UNHCR, could pick up a current problem and at that time "almost premonitory ". On its website, www.noexistimos.com we can find out more about this film that currently go through some cities in our country.