Shorts with ñ: short films directed by women

Last May 17 enjoyed a new session of short films festival veteran "Short with ñ" in “La escalera de Jacob”.

In this session, the festival gives voice to young directors with a session led and short films starring women.

Seven short films, "Pipas" Manuela Moreno"Sexo" Olga Alaman"Donde caen las hojas" Alicia Albares"Energy" Tina Olivares"Pina Colada" Belen Riquelme, "La suerte de…" projected Sonia Mora and "La mejor opción" of Mar del Castillo.

Pipas, is a short film that was nominated for the Goya and defining the importance of education in society played by the complicity that gives a bag pipes in a conversation between friends.

Sexo, awarded special mention of Cortos con Ñ, is a story about heartbreak, hitch and the longing for love stories.

Donde caen las hojas in participating actors like Carlos Alvarez-Novoa or Asuncion Balaguer, it is a dramatic short film with touches of fantasy genre where family relationships and dignified death is.

Energy tells the story of a girl who decides to present his novel to a fair contest day that the deadline for receipt is finished. It is a story about the struggle for a dream truncated by a series of obstacles.

Pina colada has overcome a break with apexes criticizes social networks and love them as it is.

La suerte de…, Perfect Love Triangle: A "cool" girl, a pasota fashion and lovesick boy. Who scot -free will?

La mejor opcion, in which Mar, a cheerful, positive and feisty girl started a new job that will take you to your dream: Being a flight attendant.

Following the screening of short films there was a discussion led by Virginia Yagüe, president of CIMA in which each director shared with us their experiences, history and obstacles that could be found along the way.

Each of them left a tip to anyone who wants to enter the world of the film: Tina olive groves "Do not think too much, because when you think things are not done , " Bethlehem Riquelme "If someone has a story to tell there that daring "Alicia Albares" you have to assess the course of a short as it is, as there is a lot of competition "the best choice" the three main keys are: Patience, learn from mistakes and do not want to do one but also refuse to others , "Olga Alamán" It is important to learn from the rest "

Marta Martin