Show of the Smy Collection Beauty Art

Celebrating its 5th anniversary, Smylife, the exclusive centre for dental care, and Pedro Sandoval, who is one of the most internationally renowned neo-expressionist artists, hosted “Smy Collection Beauty Art”, the first artwork collection based on the personal approach of 11 well-regarded artist with a goal: to raise funds for the NGO “Mensajeros de la Paz” run by Father Angel.

Alberto Ammann, Joaquín Cortés, Stany Coppet, Mónica Pont, Curi Gallardo, Belinda Washington or Natalia Álvarez were some of the people that atended the show.

The auction will take place on September 17 at the Odalys Gallery, which has offered its facilities with the goal of raising the most funds as possible.

This project has been possible thanks to Pedro Sandoval, who has totally unselfish and altruistic collaborated with Ángel de la Peña, as well as Mikha-ez, Gabriel Moreno, Vítor Mejuto, Juan Gil Segovia, Clara Isabel Arribas Cerezo, Juan Pedro Revuelta, Yoshihiro Nakashima, Cristina Iturrioz and Blanca Cuesta. A total of 14 sculptures, each of them created by one of the artists, of the naked torso of Venus form this collection, giving as a result a unique work with an exclusive style that didn´t leave anybody cold.

Until the auction date, during July and August, the collection will be showed in Smylife. For the first time in Spain, a centre for dental care turned into a unique gallery where everybody can visit the artwork. Given the exclusiveness, it is necessary to book in advance and, besides, it will be offered a guided tour of the show.