‘Toro’, the movie

On April 19, we had the opportunity to meet, in Fundación Telefónica, the director Kike Maíllo, and the three generations of actors who meets the film Toro: Mario Casas, Luis Tosar and Jose Sacristan.

"Toro" is the second film of Kike Maíllo, which premiered in the world of filmmaking with "Eva" (2011).

It is a Thiller action takes place for 48 frantic hours: The meeting of two brothers after five years without seeing. One of them has been in jail. The other has stolen a dangerous fence and now runs away with Diana, her young daughter.

Production of "Toro" is carried out by Apaches EntertainmentAtresmedia Cinema, Zorca Zine, Scandal Films, Maestranza Films, Telefonica Studios and Ran Entertainment, in association with BMedia 2013- Back up Media. With the participation of Atresmedia, Movistar +, Canal Sur TV and TVG. Distributed by Universal Pictures International Spain.

Kike Maíllo told us that "The biggest challenge in" Toro "was the characters try to explain himself in a film in which dominates both the action" and that "he felt quite proud of having achieved".

No pointed also to work with three generations of actors is very rewarding because "each you learn a lot during each shooting day."

Here you can enjoy the trailer of this film that will premiere on the big screen on Friday 22 April.

Marta Martín.