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    Finalista en el NOTODOFILMFESTIVAL.

    Finalista en el NOTODOFILMFESTIVAL.

  • Amparo Bertomeu

    Nueva artista

    Nueva artista

  • Juan Carlos Martín

    Entrevista a Juan Carlos Martín.

    Entrevista a Juan Carlos Martín.

Interview with Juan Carlos Martín

I started playing theater when I was eight because my father used to take me to a theatre class at the cultural centre, and I kept on. When I was sixteen I formed a theatre group, we went to festivals and after a while I had my first audition for a musical and I got the role... Read more...

Interview with Joe Atlan (Jose Aranda)

I discovered the power of the music at the age of 16, I played with the piano we had at home, even without piano lessons. It was during that same period when I discovered Edgar´s video, but the first time that I uploaded music was when I started attending to university, back in 2007. I signed up for a concert without having any composition, and what I did was playing some improvisation which I sometimes played, and people really liked it. Then I uploaded it to YouTube... Read more...

Interview with Elena Rivera

When I was a child I didn’t consider shooting as a job, it was more like a hobby that I had to balance with the school. I think being constantly surrounded by adults makes you mature faster. It makes you grow up and see the life in a different way. And as an actress I guess that… Read more...

Awards Gala XXIII Union of Actors and Actresses. - March 10, 2014. Coliseum Theatre (Madrid).


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This is the new TV series of Telecinco, which has a great cast: Antonio Velázquez, María Valverde, Álvaro Cervantes, Elvira Minguez, Carlos Hipólito, Fernando Cayo and Aura Garrido among others. Salvador Calvo is the director of the series and a regular contributor to the channel, his was the great success of Niños Robados... Read more


“Living is Easy With Eyes Closed”, “10.000 km” and “El Niño” have been shortlisted to compete in the category of Best Foreign Language Film at the upcoming 2015 Oscars. It was known on Wednesday 10th September, at 12.30 p.m, on an event organized at the Film Academy of Madrid... Read more


There's nothing like a good sauce to improve any type of past. Essential ingredient to flavor this dish in particular, substantially encouraging the fans to this type of food to bless with special devotion that successful and intimate communion between condiment and element to spice... Read more