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    Finalista en el NOTODOFILMFESTIVAL.

    Finalista en el NOTODOFILMFESTIVAL.

  • Elisa Komar

    Nueva artista

    Nueva artista

  • Elena Rivera

    Entrevista a Elena Rivera, actriz de

    Entrevista a Elena Rivera, actriz de "Cuéntame cómo pasó".

Interview with Joe Atlan (Jose Aranda)

I discovered the power of the music at the age of 16, I played with the piano we had at home, even without piano lessons. It was during that same period when I discovered Edgar´s video, but the first time that I uploaded music was when I started attending to university, back in 2007. I signed up for a concert without having any composition, and what I did was playing some improvisation which I sometimes played, and people really liked it. Then I uploaded it to YouTube... Read more...

Interview with Elena Rivera

When I was a child I didn’t consider shooting as a job, it was more like a hobby that I had to balance with the school. I think being constantly surrounded by adults makes you mature faster. It makes you grow up and see the life in a different way. And as an actress I guess that… Read more...

Interview with Doc Pastor

Doc Pastor is specialized in cultural and disclosure of comics, he has worked in a lot of publications during his career. This is the interview Doc Pastor has offered us as a result of the presentation of his book "The sixties are timeless" published by Editorial Dolmen. Read more...

Awards Gala XXIII Union of Actors and Actresses. - March 10, 2014. Coliseum Theatre (Madrid).


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Saying a speech with a barely audible whisper can sometimes be the most effective tactic to silence the most shrill and loud of the shouts. The thing is that the ways leading to attract the attention of the audience are as unfathomable as the own priorities of the so demanding viewer when it comes to being impressed by this or that sequence, shot, dialogue, special effect, soundtrack, or other bizarre parts that compose a film production... Read more


This past 23th of August the eight season of “Doctor Who” premiered in an episode that included Victorian London, a dinosaur in the middle of the Thames and the debut of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, which makes him the thirteenth actor to play this beloved character from the British science-fiction genre... Read more


Betty Joan Perske Weinstein, New Yorker model and actress, known as Lauren Bacall, died on the 12th of August at her home in New York at the age of 89 by a brain hemorrage. Lauren was very clear about her vocation since she was a child and she began studying acting at the age of 15, when she joined the American Academy Of Dramatic Arts which she had to leave three years later for the lack of financial resources... Read more