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  • Hugo Alcaide

    Hugo Alcaide,

    Hugo Alcaide, "El ángel exterminador". Teatro Español(Madrid)

  • Alonso Bernal

    Alonso Bernal graba 'La otra mirada' RTVE

    Alonso Bernal graba 'La otra mirada' RTVE

  • Lucas Pinheiro en ‘Yucatán’

    Lucas Pinheiro en ‘Yucatán’, el nuevo largometraje de Daniel Monzón.

    Lucas Pinheiro en ‘Yucatán’, el nuevo largometraje de Daniel Monzón.

Interview with Santiago Rajag, director of photography,

“Magical Girl” has been one of the most striking phenomena of the Spanish cinema on 2014. This film has received numerous awards and recognition like the Golden Shell Award of the San Sebastián International Film Festival, and it was among the favorite films for the Goya Awards, including Best Film nomination. Santiago Racaj is the director of photography of “Magical Girl”, among many other projects, and he has not finally been nominated losing out in the fight against “El Niño”, “Marshland”, “Autómata” and “Spanish Affair”. Many people today believe this absence of nomination is one of the biggest forgotten at this Goya Awards (as well as in the category of Best Film Editing). Read more...

Interview with Marc Martí

We are very happy to have come this year again; we have presented another short and Sergi gave a talk this morning, but we would have come anyways, given the treatment we had last year and the contacts we made. Read more...

Interview with Daniel Monzón

I was seven or eight years old when I fell in love with cinema. Once of my grandmothers took me to see “King Kong” in a film club. I remember it as if it was yesterday, like an epiphany, I fell completely in love with that film; I could not think of anything else... Read more...

Last May 17 enjoyed a new session of short films festival veteran "Short with ñ" in “La escalera de Jacob”.

In this session, the festival gives voice to young directors with a session led and short films starring women.


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