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    Finalista en el NOTODOFILMFESTIVAL.

    Finalista en el NOTODOFILMFESTIVAL.

  • Neyva Martínez

    Nueva artista

    Nueva artista

  • Daniel Monzón

    Entrevista a Daniel Monzón.

    Entrevista a Daniel Monzón.

Interview with Daniel Monzón

I was seven or eight years old when I fell in love with cinema. Once of my grandmothers took me to see “King Kong” in a film club. I remember it as if it was yesterday, like an epiphany, I fell completely in love with that film; I could not think of anything else... Read more...

Interview with Christian Sampedro

Although I did that too, I used to act at my house’s courtyard and the neighbors gave me some money, but the real cause of change was my uncle, he was working at the filming of the second installment of “The Lute” (The Lute II: Tomorrow I’ll be Free, 1988). They needed a child, he mentioned he had a nephew, and he took me to the set so that I could appear as an extra. I was just eight years old, saw myself in the middle of the set and thought to myself, “I really like all of this, this is what I want to do” and from that point on no one could convince me otherwise... Read more...

Interview with Juan Carlos Martín

I started playing theater when I was eight because my father used to take me to a theatre class at the cultural centre, and I kept on. When I was sixteen I formed a theatre group, we went to festivals and after a while I had my first audition for a musical and I got the role... Read more...

Awards Gala XXIII Union of Actors and Actresses. - March 10, 2014. Coliseum Theatre (Madrid).


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The gala was held on November 6 at CentroCentro Cibeles in Madrid and presented by Patricia Conde, where it started the second edition of the Madrid Fashion Film Festival. This is the first event dedicated to the fashion business from an audiovisual perspective, the perfect blend of film and fashion... Read more


It is common to think that a disabled person does not have the same facilities to perform certain jobs as a person without any disability, but who said that creativity and disability could not go hand in hand?... Read more


Everything related to undertake risky odysseys, always provided for their respective and intrinsic hooks which catch the attention of every eager viewer for guaranteed adventure and printed in letters of neon in the presentation of the same, can lead to error in the reading of which in principle have predicted with respect to whether that exciting prophecy is partially or fully truncated at a height of the footage in which it is difficult to certain hope on the perspective previously created... Read more