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    Finalista en el NOTODOFILMFESTIVAL.

    Finalista en el NOTODOFILMFESTIVAL.

  • Elisa Komar

    Nueva artista

    Nueva artista

  • Elena Rivera

    Entrevista a Elena Rivera, actriz de

    Entrevista a Elena Rivera, actriz de "Cuéntame cómo pasó".

Interview with Elena Rivera

When I was a child I didn’t consider shooting as a job, it was more like a hobby that I had to balance with the school. I think being constantly surrounded by adults makes you mature faster. It makes you grow up and see the life in a different way. And as an actress I guess that… Read more...

Interview with Doc Pastor

Doc Pastor is specialized in cultural and disclosure of comics, he has worked in a lot of publications during his career. This is the interview Doc Pastor has offered us as a result of the presentation of his book "The sixties are timeless" published by Editorial Dolmen. Read more...

Interview with Jorge Dorado

"A film for the world" Jorge Dorado defines his first feature "Mindscape", which has helped him to get a Goya nomination for Best New Director, which is always a success. Some say it's luck or fate, but it is not the case with Jorge, for whom success is based primarily on fighting for what you want. Read more...

Awards Gala XXIII Union of Actors and Actresses. - March 10, 2014. Coliseum Theatre (Madrid).


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The preamble of a story, that mandatory starter with which all narrative must announce what we will later taste as a main meal is a key referent, a strategic plank where settle on a foundation which will be the basis with which we will firstly be able to settle how is going to be developed a certain plot. Alex van Warmerdam opens the curtain of "Borgman", blowing us that almost mandatory dose of hype which activates almost immediately the salivary glands sensing an appealing delicacy... Read more


“The Legend of Korra” came back to our screens for a third year, months before anyone expected and in a way that caught almost everyone by surprise. Nickelodeon decided to deal with the leak of some of the new episodes in their Mexican website by releasing the third season as soon as they could (dedicating only one week to promote the series). They have also been broadcasting the episodes extremely fast, in just three weeks they have released seven of the thirteen episodes that form “Legend of Korra Book 3”... Read more


Atresmedia and Boomerang TV move "The Secret of Old Bridge", the TV series broadcast on Antena 3 during the afternoons, to theater with the play "The First Secret," while the TV series keeps on TV. The reason for the stage adaptation is the success the show has had on Spain and all the countries that have been exported to. With "The First Secret" is to tell the true story of love between Raimundo Ulloa and Francisca Montenegro, that triggered everything what happened afterwards and that wasn´t really developed or explained what happened between the two of them in the past... Read more