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    Finalista en el NOTODOFILMFESTIVAL.

    Finalista en el NOTODOFILMFESTIVAL.

  • 48 Hour Film Project A Coruña

    48 Hour Film Project A Coruña.

    48 Hour Film Project A Coruña.

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    Editorial Esic publica

    Editorial Esic publica "27 conversaciones con emprendedores".

Interview with Doc Pastor

Doc Pastor is specialized in cultural and disclosure of comics, he has worked in a lot of publications during his career. This is the interview Doc Pastor has offered us as a result of the presentation of his book "The sixties are timeless" published by Editorial Dolmen. Read more...

Interview with Jorge Dorado

"A film for the world" Jorge Dorado defines his first feature "Mindscape", which has helped him to get a Goya nomination for Best New Director, which is always a success. Some say it's luck or fate, but it is not the case with Jorge, for whom success is based primarily on fighting for what you want. Read more...

Interview with Darío Adanti

Much has happened since, in 1997 came from Argentina Dario Adanti our country looking to break into the world of comics and cartoon, which has largely been met to the point of being considered one of the most innovative authors what the comic in Spain is concerned. Funny, transgressive and with some attachment to our culture but also to that of his native country, is now keen to help in Mongolia magazine that combines humor in its most satirical investigative journalism and political news. And for him, humor is essential. Read more...

Awards Gala XXIII Union of Actors and Actresses. - March 10, 2014. Coliseum Theatre (Madrid).


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Last Monday took place, in the Arteria Coliseum Theatre in Madrid, the twenty-third edition of the awards of the Unión de Actores, where the work of the interpreters of film, theater and television along 2013 was rewarded. The awards, delivered by the actors themselves, reward the effort and the work of professionals. Every member of the Unión de Actores (Actor’s Union) has a vote, which is why they are received with a lot of affection. The gala was extraordinarily hosted by... Read more


When we quote phrases such as this actor plays or gets perfectly into the skin of a character, we are referring not only to the fact that all the features that this role requires in terms of the sketch created by the director are reflected, but also the physical appearance is important to make the final product fully convincing ,when it comes to emulate obsessive and scrupulously emaciated, obese or sculptural figures. To get to literally trace attitude and anatomy of a certain character, the actor or actress must go on strict diets and... Read more


Her is a science fiction movie set in a possible future, about an operating system, which together with a computer, meets all possible needs, including emotional aspects. The protagonist, the actor Joaquin Phoenix, has just gone through a breakup and makes the operating system his new best friend (voiced by Scarlett Johansson). But the protagonist is disappointed when he discovers his cyber girlfriend, Samantha, has many parallel stories, exactly the same as his. In short, Her is a film with fun aspects about the universe of robots, a world... Read more